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Jody Lynn Nye Interview with Jody Lynn Nye

Today we have an interview with Jody Lynn Nye, author of the recently released Myth-Quoted!  Myth-Quoted is the newest book in the fantasy/comedy Myth-Adventures series that was begun many years ago by Robert Asprin.  This series has always been good for a laugh and light moment – even through many trials surrounding their creation – and Nye’s take on it continues to entertain and expand its universe.  As a long-time fan of the series I was very happy to be able […]

Update on The Children of the Sky Review

Just a quick update to my review of Vernor Vinge’s The Children of the Sky that I posted about a month ago.  In the conclusion to my review, I said this: After I posted the review, Kristen wrote to Tor to try to find out if another book was planned.  Kristen’s contact couldn’t confirm or deny another book (understandably).  While it’s not really word either way, I’ve decided to change my final rating of the book to an 8 rather […]

In Memoriam: Serious Literature, Critical Reviewing, etc…

(Note:  It says it at the bottom, but just to be clear–this is a post from John, not Kristen.  Blame me.  And thanks to @Katiebabs for the heads up.) So, it looks like there’s another Thing. In a rather condescending guest article on, Daniela Hurezanu has come to the conclusion that The End is Nigh, and 20-something female book bloggers are either largely to blame or a primary outcome.  Causality isn’t really clear, but I’m guessing the idea is […]

Stupid Ned Stark Game of Thrones is Dead; Long Live A Song of Ice and Fire!

For now, at least, it’s all over but the wailing*: tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones on HBO was the season finale.  But for those of us who have been four books ahead of the television series all year, the main event is still to come.  The fifth book in A Song of Ice and Fire, A Dance with Dragons, is set to be released on July 12th.  But oh, it’s been a long, long wait–long enough that I’ve forgotten […]

The Children of the Sky by Vernor Vinge Guest Review of The Children of the Sky by Vernor Vinge

The Children of the Sky is Vernor Vinge’s sequel to his iconic book A Fire Upon the Deep, which was first released almost twenty years ago (that sentence makes me feel kind of old…alas).  Another Vinge book, A Deepness in the Sky, is set in the same universe but is largely unrelated to the other two, and there have been various other related works as well.  Children is the first direct sequel though, set in the ten years following the […]