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Beth Cato Women in SF&F Month: Beth Cato

Today’s guest is novelist, poet, and short fiction writer Beth Cato! Three of the books in her steampunk fantasy series have received nominations for various awards: The Clockwork Dagger was a Locus finalist for Best First Novel, The Clockwork Crown was an RT Reviewers’ Choice Finalist, and the novella Wings of Sorrow and Bone is a 2015 Nebula nominee. Her third novel, Breath of Earth, will be released in August of this year (and it sounds fantastic!). The Healer as […]

Charlie Jane Anders Women in SF&F Month: Charlie Jane Anders

Today’s guest is editor-in-chief and award-winning author Charlie Jane Anders. Her recently released fantasy/science fiction novel All the Birds in the Sky has been garnering fantastic reviews, and I’m looking forward to reading it myself—especially after being completely enchanted by what I did read when I took a peek at the first chapter! She’s also written the Lambda Literary Award-winning fiction novel The Choir Boy and numerous short stories, including the compelling Hugo Award-winning novelette “Six Months, Three Days” (which can […]

Women in SF&F Month: Stephanie Burgis

Today’s guest is Stephanie Burgis, author of a variety of speculative fiction short stories and the Kat, Incorrigible trilogy. Her first historical fantasy novel for adults, Masks and Shadows, will be published next week (and is one of this year’s book releases I’m most excited about—it sounds fantastic!). It will shortly be followed by her second historical fantasy novel for adults, Congress of Secrets, which also sounds wonderful and is scheduled for release later this year! For Fantasy Café’s “Women in SF&F” month, […]

Fonda Lee Women in SF&F Month: Fonda Lee

Today’s guest is science fiction and fantasy author Fonda Lee! Her recently released debut novel Zeroboxer, a young adult science fiction book whose main protagonist is a zero gravity fighter, is a 2015 Andre Norton Award nominee and a Junior Library Guild selection for 2015. It will be joined by her second book (also science fiction!) in 2017. Yes, I Write “Boy Books.” No, I Don’t Have a Male Pen Name. Let me begin by saying that I hold a […]

Lady Business Women in SF&F Month: Renay from Lady Business

Just as Women in SF&F Month has become an annual tradition, so has beginning the month of guest posts with one written by Renay! She’s one of several editors of the excellent site Lady Business, which I highly recommend visiting if you’re interested in discussion of speculative fiction in a variety of forms (including books, television, movies, games, and fanwork). Renay also writes articles for Strange Horizons, co-hosts Fangirl Happy Hour, and co-edited Speculative Fiction 2014: The Year’s Best Online Reviews, […]

Women in SF&F Week 1 Women in SF&F Month: Week 1 Schedule

Women in SF&F Month guest posts begin tomorrow, and I’m very excited about it! Without further ado, here is the schedule for the first full week of the month: April 4: Renay (Lady Business) April 5: Fonda Lee (Zeroboxer) April 6: Stephanie Burgis (Masks and Shadows; Kat, Incorrigible Series) April 7: Charlie Jane Anders (All the Birds in the Sky, “Six Months, Three Days”) April 8: Beth Cato (Breath of Earth, Clockwork Dagger Series) April 9: Book Giveaway