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Read React Review header Women In SF&F Month: Jessica from Read React Review

Today I’m pleased to have a guest post from Jessica of Read React Review!  Although she doesn’t talk much about science fiction and fantasy on her blog, I have known her for many years and very much respect what she has to say on any number of issues, including ideas involving women and gender in fiction.  As such, she was one of the first people I thought to invite this month and now she is kicking things off with the […]

Women in SF&F Month Banner Women In SF&F Month

It’s officially April, which means Women in SF&F Month is here with guest posts beginning tomorrow. There probably won’t be one every single day this month, but it should be close to every day and I’m hoping to fill in some of the gaps with reviews of some fantasy and science fiction books written by women. In case you missed my previous post about it linked to above, this month is dedicated to highlighting the women who are writing and […]

Women in SF&F Month Banner Coming Soon: Women in SF&F Month

After all the discussion recently about review coverage of women writing science fiction and fantasy and the female bloggers writing about these genres, I decided to dedicate the month of April to the women of science fiction and fantasy. Though I’m interested in the discussion overall, instead of talking about it more I’m choosing to make my contribution to addressing the issue by highlighting the women who are writing and reading SF&F.  Throughout the month I’ll have authors, book bloggers, […]