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Giveaway Open Worldwide

I noticed the post about the giveaway for the Spider and Jeanne Robinson books didn’t actually say who could enter. It has now been updated to say that it is open to anyone in the world. Since many of you probably already read the post a few days ago and won’t be going back to it, I just wanted to make a new one to let people know!

Book Giveaway for Spider and Jeanne Robinson

For anybody who didn’t catch my review of Variable Star almost a year and a half ago, I’m a big fan of Spider Robinson. Though I haven’t read as much of her work, Jeanne Robinson’s collaboration with Spider on the Stardance trilogy is also exceptional. Well, word is that Jeanne is fighting a rare form of cancer, and the couple is running low on cash. That link has several ways that you can help, but being the of-limited-resources types that […]