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Hope’s Folly Is Out Today/Update

Hope’s Folly, the third book in Linnea Sinclair’s Dock Five series, is out today. The copy I pre-ordered is now on its way! This one is about Philip instead of Chaz and Sully. As much as I liked Philip, I’m a little worried he’ll be too normal and uncomplicated to carry a whole book for me (which is why I preferred Gabriel’s Ghost/Shades of Dark over An Accidental Goddess – the characters in the latter were much more normal with […]

Tomorrow is Guest Dare Day

Wednesday the 18th is the day Ana and Thea from The Book Smugglers are reviewing Melusine over here, and I’ll be over there with a review of Dead Witch Walking. Their review will be up tomorrow morning. I’ll be gone at work all day tomorrow and after that I desperately need to go grocery shopping, but when I get back I’ll put up the link to the review on their blog. At least I should be back earlier than tonight… […]


Now that I finally got that Kushiel’s Dart review written, I’ve been working on a review of Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End. That was one of my “scary science fiction” books and I made it my challenge book for the month of January. After that, I will be reviewing: Inside Straight edited by George R. R. MartinThe Charmed Sphere by Catherine Asaro I also finished Dead Witch Walking, the first Hollows book by Kim Harrison, last night. Although I’ll be […]


Now that the holidays are over, I’m hoping to get caught up on some of these reviews I need to write. December was a slow reading month since I was pretty busy with the holidays and getting a few things taken care of by the end of the year, but I did finish a couple of books at the end of the month and have a couple of books read in November to review as well. I’m now reading the […]


It’s been rather quiet around here since I’m reading a long book right now (The Court of the Air) and haven’t had much time for reading. I’m about 2/3 of the way through it now. Last night I read one of the Malazan novellas so I’d have something to review but I’m not sure if I’ll have time to do so over the weekend since I’m going to be doing some freelance work then. I’m hoping to get in some […]

Coming Up

Since Friday is Halloween, I decided it was a good time to read and review the newest from Neil Gaiman, The Graveyard Book. If you are a fan of his, don’t wait for the review to read the book! I absolutely loved it and it was my favorite of his novels I’ve read so far. (Other than that one, those would be Neverwhere, Stardust, Anansi Boys, and Good Omens, the novel he co-wrote with Terry Pratchett. I have not yet […]