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The Spiritwalker Trilogy Women in SF&F Month: Kate Elliott (with Spiritwalker Giveaway!)

Today’s guest is fantasy and science fiction author Kate Elliott! She has written several books, including those in the Crown of Stars, Jaran, Crossroads, and Spiritwalker series. The first two books in the latter, her most recent series, are the only ones I’ve read so far, but they have made me a die-hard fan. Cold Magic and Cold Fire (Spiritwalker 1 and 2) feature a fascinating world brimming with history and culture, an endearing heroine with an engaging narrative voice, […]

Kiini Ibura Salaam Women in SF&F Month: Kiini Ibura Salaam

Today’s guest is interfiction writer Kiini Ibura Salaam! Her short story collection Ancient, Ancient was one of the two winners of the 2012 James Tiptree, Jr. Award, an annual award for science fiction and fantasy literature that explores gender. While I have yet to read this collection, I was intrigued by her prose after reading some samples of her speculative fiction writing. I’m excited she is here today to discuss The Salt Eaters by Toni Cade Bambara and the profound […]

Juliet McKenna Women in SF&F Month: Juliet E. McKenna

Today’s guest is fantasy author Juliet E. McKenna! She has written the books in the following series: The Tales of Einarinn, The Aldabreshin Compass, The Chronicles of the Lescari Revolution, and The Hadrumal Crisis. While I haven’t yet read any of her books, I have recently been convinced I should read The Thief’s Gamble, the first book in the Tales of Einarinn, by Elizabeth from DarkCargo. Earlier this month, she discussed some of her favorite heroines in science fiction and […]

Women in SF&F Week 5 Women in SF&F Month: Week in Review and Final Guests

Thanks to last week’s guests, it was another great week of articles and recommendations! There are only three guests left, although this month’s event won’t officially be over right at the end of April. I’ll be writing one or two more related posts, plus we will be releasing the final list of favorite fantasy and science fiction books by women that Renay from Lady Business is working on. (You can add your favorites here if you have not already!) Before […]

Bookworm Blues Women in SF&F Month: Sarah from Bookworm Blues

Today’s guest is Sarah from one of my must-read blogs, Bookworm Blues! Sarah reads and reviews a lot of fantasy and science fiction books, and she has an enthusiasm for reading that shines through her great, well-written reviews. Last year, she also hosted an amazing series on her blog in which she gathered some guest posts by authors and bloggers to discuss disabilities in science fiction and fantasy, and she is planning to do the same this year. Right now, […]

Amanda Carlson - Credit- Paige Carlson Women in SF&F Month: Amanda Carlson (with Book Giveaway!)

Today’s guest is urban fantasy author Amanda Carlson! Last year, a prequel novella in her Jessica McClain series, Blooded, was released, and it was soon followed by the first book in the series and her debut novel, Full Blooded. The second book in her series, Hot Blooded, was just released earlier this week. I’ve been hearing that these books are riveting, and I’m thrilled that the author is here to discuss sex in urban fantasy—and I’m also quite excited to […]