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Thanks to the guests from last week, it was another great week of Women in SF&F! The next week of guest posts begins tomorrow, but before announcing the schedule, here are a few reminders and links to last week’s posts.

Giveaways and The Giant List of SFF Books by Women

Gemsigns by Stephanie Saulter

The Paradox trilogy giveaway has ended and there’s an official winner. Congratulations to Michele F.!

There’s now a new giveaway for 5 advance copies of Gemsigns by Stephanie Saulter (residents of the US are eligible to win). It sounds very intriguing and it’s now on my wish list after reading her guest post that went up yesterday!

There is also still time to add some of your favorite books by women to create an even bigger list of SFF books by women. Last year, Renay from Lady Business asked us to enter some favorite speculative fiction books written by women to create a list of recommendations, and it resulted in a list of over 800 books with many books recommended by multiple people!

Week in Review

Here are the posts from last week in case you missed any of them:

Upcoming Guests: Week Four

I’m very excited about next week’s guests! Here is the schedule:


April 21: Paula S. Jordan (“The Gift of Unbinding”, “Two Look at Two”, “Vooorh”)
April 22: Keri from Feminist Fantasy
April 23: Romie Stott (“A Robot Walks Into a Bar”, “Three Young Men”)
April 24: Barbara Friend Ish (The Shadow of the Sun)
April 25: Trudi Canavan (Thief’s Magic, The Black Magician Trilogy)