I have heard a lot about Tanith Lee’s dark fantasy stories and have wanted to read some for quite some time. However, the stories I’ve heard the most about seem to be her older stories that are hard to find, so I was thrilled when I came across an omnibus edition of The Secret Books of Paradys in Borders the other day. Apparently, this came out last month and I never heard a thing about it. It’s now toward the top of my “must have” list.

After that, I was thinking if only Flat Earth books would come back in print so I could read those. A couple of days ago I read this post on The Swivet, which mentioned that Norilana Books has acquired the rights to The Flat Earth series and are planning to publish it in 2009. I’m very excited since I’ve been wishing I could find these series by Tanith Lee for a while now.

Now I just need to get a hold of The Secret Books of Paradys… I think I know what to do with any Christmas money I receive.