It doesn’t get much better than this – Ann Aguirre is giving away $200 to spend at the bookseller of your choice! All you have to do is buy a copy of Wanderlust when it comes out on August 26 or preorder a copy and post either your receipt number or order confirmation number in the comments of this post on her blog. The contest runs until September 3.

Wanderlust is the second book in the Sirantha Jax series, following Aguirre’s debut novel released earlier this year, Grimspace (review).

I didn’t need any incentive to buy Wanderlust since I was planning to do so anyway as soon as it came out — its predecessor is exactly the type of book I’m in the mood to read right now — but now I really must buy it. It would be a dream come true – I’d have to spend the money on books so I wouldn’t even have to feel guilty about spending so much money on them. I’m already dreaming of which books I’d get from the wish list if I had $200…

What books would you get if you could go on a $200 book-buying binge?