I’ve decided to join in with the book blogosphere trend of posting books bought and received on a weekly basis (unless I did not happen to buy or receive books that week). So every Sunday I’m going to put up new additions to the TBR pile just for the fun of it and since I know many of you, like me, probably enjoy seeing books that they may not have noticed before. I’ve always avoided these posts since I was afraid I’d just bore everyone, but personally I like reading the “what I received this week” posts. And you can always ignore them if you find them dull. Or just look at the shiny covers.

Since this is the first time, I’m going to go back two weeks.

Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchett

John is a huge Discworld fan, and I enjoy the series as well so when we found it on Amazon for $14, we just had to order it. He’s already read it and really liked it, but due to grad school mayhem, I’m not sure when/if he’ll get a chance to review it. And I’m not sure when I’ll get around to reading it, but there is a review over at Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review.

Principles of Angels by Jaine Fenn

You can’t order from Amazon without getting free shipping (really, it’s a rule – at least I abide by it like my life depends on it) so I ordered this one along with the new Discworld. I can’t remember exactly where I heard about it, but I’ve heard some good things about it and am considering reading this one when I do my Sci Fi reading month at some point (because I have not read nearly enough science fiction lately, especially compared to last year).

Whisper of Death by Christopher Pike

This one was sent to me by Thea of The Book Smugglers since we were discussing Halloween-related books and she suggested I try one of her old favorites. Even though I’d never read a Christopher Pike book in my life, it was a trip down memory lane. The cover said it was $3.50! Ah, how sweet it is to remember the day when you could purchase brand new books for that little. And it has those order forms at the back of books that I hadn’t seen since I was a kid. This is the only one on this list I’ve actually read – it was short and I read it all yesterday afternoon.

Bitter Night by Diana Pharoah Francis

I received this in the mail from the publisher yesterday. This new urban fantasy will be out on October 27. I read another book by this author (The Cipher) and didn’t really like it but this had blurbs from both Patricia Briggs and Ann Aguirre, so I’ll give it a try. Plus I read this review of it over at Book Love Affair a while ago and was wondering if it might be worth trying anyway. And the word Armageddon caught my eye.