So much for getting caught up on all my reviews this vacation weekend… I was planning to but I’ve been on the computer far less than normal. (Apparently, planning isn’t working well this month since I only read about half the books on my reading list for the month.) When I do start writing them, I’ve got three reviews to do now: Black Ships by Jo Graham (great book), An Illustrated Guide to Mythical Creatures by David West and Anita Ganeri (good for the right age group), and Busted Flush edited by George R. R. Martin (pretty good). I just started reading The Better Part of Darkness by Kelly Gay, which has started out fast-paced and entertaining.

This week I got one book that I ordered a little while ago.

The Magicians and Mrs. Quent by Galen Beckett

This is one I have really wanted ever since reading Thea’s review at The Book Smugglers. Part Jane Austen, part Charlotte Bronte and a fantasy book? Sounds like a book I must read! I had been waiting for the cheaper trade paperback release (which was earlier this month so it is out now), but recently Amazon had the hardcover as one of it’s bargain books so it was actually cheaper than even the $10 trade paperback price. Of course, that was a deal I simply could not resist.