Do I dare make a December reading list? I’m not so sure I do after last month’s failed attempt, especially considering December was the month last year that I managed to read the fewest books due to the busy holiday season. So I think I’ll learn my lesson from last year (when I attempted to read a 700 – 800 page book that I just didn’t have time for) and stick to short-ish books for December. I am going to set goals of reading The Dragons of Hazlett by Michelle Scott and The Wolverine Files by Mike W. Barr since they’re not too long and have been in my pile for a while, though.

Right now I’m most of the way through The Better Part of Darkness by Kelly Gay, which I’m having fun with. Next I’m not sure what to read – I’m considering Graceling, Unseen Academicals, Hunting Ground, Night’s Master, Resenting the Hero or a Catherine Asaro book. And several others. (I’m not at all indecisive.)

November was a great reading month since I read three books that I loved above and beyond the average “good” book – Lips Touch: Three Times by Laini Taylor, By the Mountain Bound by Elizabeth Bear and Black Ships by Jo Graham (which I’m working on a review of now).

What’s everyone planning to read this December? Has anyone else found they have the same problem with reading this month that I do?