Eek, it’s been a whole week and the last one of these was the last post I wrote. I was hoping to get at least one of those reviews written in the last week but hopefully I’ll get one written up before this weekend is over instead (most likely The Book of Jhereg, although I also need to write reviews of Twilight of Avalon and The Illustrated Guide to Mythical Creatures). Meanwhile, I’ve been reading the massive omnibus Miles Errant by Lois McMaster Bujold to give myself time to get caught up on all these reviews. I’ve finished both the novella and Brothers in Arms and am now reading Mirror Dance, which has potential to be my favorite book in the Miles Vorkosigan series so far.

This week I got a few new books I’ve been looking forward to for a while. I am really hoping to read at least some of these in February; hopefully I will have more time to read then.

Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs

Earlier last year I devoured the first three books in the Mercy Thompson series but held off on the fourth book until it came to paperback (since my books would be mismatched – yes, I am anal). When I got a Borders gift card for Christmas, I knew I would have to save it for when Bone Crossed came to paperback, which was just a couple of days ago. (I’m now saving the rest for if I get addicted to the Kate Daniels series.) Waiting was so hard, though, that I’m not sure if I’ll be able to wait for paperback when the next book comes out in a couple of months.

The Spirit Lens by Carol Berg

Carol Berg’s Rai-kirah series is one of my favorites of all time so I was very excited to hear about her her first book in the Collegia Magica series, The Spirit Lens. It came out the beginning of January but I ended up waiting for it for a while since I preordered it along with another book by a favorite author that was coming out at the end of this month…

Dragon Keeper by Robin Hobb

Robin Hobb’s Farseer/Liveship Traders/Tawny Main trilogies are among my favorites and my very favorite of the three is Liveship Traders. So I was very excited about this book, the first in the Rain Wilds Chronicles duology. It has been out in the UK for a little while, but it only became available in the US this week so there would not be a long wait for the second part, Dragon Haven (May 2010).