When browsing through sites I read today, I saw quite a few interesting book-related news and links.

Carol Berg mentioned that a new trade paperback edition of her novel Song of the Beast will be coming out on October 21.  I read this several years ago (after discovering Carol Berg’s wonderful Rai-kirah trilogy) and rather enjoyed it.  According to this post, there will also be a Song of the Beast novella, but there will be more on that later!

Seanan McGuire got ARCs of One Salt Sea, the fifth Toby Daye novel, and is giving one away!  A winner will be randomly selected on Friday June 24.

Tor.com posted an excerpt from The Children of the Sky by Vernor Vinge, the long-awaited sequel to A Fire Upon the DeepJohn reviewed Children recently, and really liked it – he thought it seemed to be leading up to a third book and if so it was one of the best bridge books he’d ever read.  If it was the end, he found it very good but not quite satisfying as a conclusion.  We haven’t heard any news of a third book, but he thinks it really seems like it has to have been setting up more.

Suvudu has a 50 page excerpt from City of Ruin by Mark Charan Newton, the sequel to Nights of Villjamur (which I got for my birthday and really need to read – it sounds really good!).

Yesterday I saw on Twitter that Courtney Schafer has an excerpt available from her upcoming novel The Whitefire Crossing. This first book in the Shattered Sigil series will be out in August.

Publisher’s Weekly reviewed The Tempering of Men, the sequel to Elizabeth Bear and Sarah Monette’s A Companion to WolvesThe Tempering of Men will be released in August.  I can’t wait to read it since I love both of these authors and loved the first book!