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Women in SF&F Month is almost at an end, although it is going to continue into the first week of May. The final guests will end on May 2nd and there were a few more things I wanted to cover before declaring the event officially over as well.

Once again, I just wanted to link to what happened last week, any related links I noticed, and announce the final guests!

Week In Review

Here’s what last week’s guests talked about:

Thank you to all of this week’s guests for taking the time to share their thoughts and recommendations!

This week there is also another giveaway in addition to Kate Elliott’s books mentioned above. There is a chance to win the entire Newsflesh trilogy (Feed, Deadline, Blackout) by Mira Grant. Be sure to check out the other sites listed in the giveaway post for more chances to win these books!

I also wanted to point out a list of non-European based fantasy books written by women that Martha Wells has started. There are so many of these I want to check out!

Final Guests

The final guests are:

Ana and Thea from The Book Smugglers
Catherine Asaro (Saga of the Skolian Empire series, Lost Continent series, The Spacetime Pool, Alpha)
A. M. Dellamonica (Indigo Springs, Blue Magic)
Kenda from Lurv a la Mode