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Aurora in Four Voices by Catherine Asaro News About Books by Catherine Asaro, M. L. Brennan, and Courtney Schafer

One of my favorite science fiction authors, Catherine Asaro, has a Kickstarter campaign right now to raise money for producing an audiobook of Aurora in Four Voices narrated by Sylvia Roldán Dohi. This anthology contains both novellas and short stories, including the first story in the Saga of the Skolian Empire, “Light and Shadow,” and the Nebula Award-winning story “The Spacetime Pool.” The Kickstarter ends on June 7 and there are some amazing rewards, such as ebooks, a signed hardcover […]

Women in SF&F Month: Final Week in Review

All the Women in SF&F Month guest posts have now gone up. There’s still a couple of posts I want to write related to this before this is officially over, but this will be the last week in review post. For now, here’s what happened last week in case you missed any of the guest posts. Week In Review Here’s last week’s guests: Kenda from Lurv a la Mode shared how Seanan McGuire’s October Daye series made her more willing […]

Catherine Asaro Women in SF&F Month: Catherine Asaro

Today marks the last day of the Women in SF&F guest posts, and I can’t think of a better way to end it than with this post by Catherine Asaro about science fiction as an inspiration for young girls! Primary Inversion by Catherine Asaro is THE book that really got me interested in reading more science fiction. Although I read science fiction on occasion and enjoyed it, I’d never read a science fiction book that drew me in quite the […]

Women in SF&F Month: Week in Review and Final Guests

Women in SF&F Month is almost at an end, although it is going to continue into the first week of May. The final guests will end on May 2nd and there were a few more things I wanted to cover before declaring the event officially over as well. Once again, I just wanted to link to what happened last week, any related links I noticed, and announce the final guests! Week In Review Here’s what last week’s guests talked about: […]

Review of Ascendant Sun

Ascendant Sunby Catherine Asaro384pp (Paperback)My Rating: 6/10Amazon Rating: 4/5LibraryThing Rating: 3.81/5Goodreads Rating: 3.9/5 Ascendant Sun is the fifth novel published in Catherine Asaro’s Saga of the Skolian Empire series. Currently, there are thirteen novels total in this science fiction series and chronologically Ascendant Sun comes after five other novels in the saga (it is not really sixth chronologically since there are three other novels following different characters set around the same time as this one). I would not recommend beginning […]

Elsewhere: Interview and Giveaway with Catherine Asaro

Today I read a very interesting interview with Catherine Asaro. She discusses everything from some of her favorite things to her absolute favorite character she writes to the next Skolian book. The next Ruby Dynasty book will be called Carnelians, and although it is a stand alone, Catherine said it also ties in with Diamond Star and The Ruby Dice. There is also a chance to win a copy of Diamond Star (Skolian Empire series – romantic science fiction), the […]