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Thank you very much to last week’s guests for their essays! Here are links to the final pieces in this year’s series in case you missed either of them:

Also, thank you again to all of this month’s guests for your wonderful essays! To those who may be coming in at the end of this month’s series, you can find all of the Women in SF&F Month 2018 guest posts here, or you can find the ones that came before last week individually below:

* The Reader-Recommended SFF Books by Women Project
In 2013, Renay started the recommendation list project linked on the sidebar—and it’s been a part of Women in SF&F Month every year since! In her guest post earlier this month, she revealed the latest list of recommended books by women including submissions from 2017, and she also issued an invitation to add up to 10 science fiction and/or fantasy books by women that you read and loved in the last year so the list continues to grow this year!

Though the month of guest posts has ended, there is still time to add books to the list using the link above. It will remain open for at least another couple of weeks to allow those just finding out about it time to enter some books.

Thanks for reading!