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It’s now April, and the eleventh annual Women in SF&F Month starts tomorrow! For the last decade, this month has been dedicated to highlighting some of the many women doing wonderful work in speculative fiction on this blog, and this site will be featuring guest posts by some of these writers on weekdays throughout April.

As usual, they will be discussing a variety of subjects—the ideas behind their worlds and stories, the tropes and dynamics they explore, the works and experiences that influenced their writing, the memory of those who came before, fairy tales and retellings, monstrous companions, and much more. I’m very excited to share their pieces with you throughout the month!

The Women in SF&F Month Origin Story

In case you are unfamiliar with how April came to be Women in SF&F Month here: It started way back in 2012, following some discussions about review coverage of books by women and the lack of women blogging about books being suggested for Hugo Awards in fan categories in March. Some of the responses to these—especially the claim that that women weren’t being reviewed and mentioned because there just weren’t that many women reading and writing SFF—made me want to spend a month highlighting women doing work in the genre to show that there are a lot of us, actually.

So I decided to see if I could pull together an April event focusing on women in science fiction and fantasy, and thanks to a great many authors and reviewers who wrote pieces for the event, it happened! I was—and continue to be—astounded by the fantastic guest posts that have been written for this series. And I am so, so grateful to everyone who has contributed to it.

This Week’s Schedule

I’m very excited about this year’s upcoming guest posts, which start tomorrow! This week’s schedule is as follows:

Women in SF&F Month 2022 Week One Graphic

April 4: Traci Chee (A Thousand Steps into Night, The Reader Trilogy)
April 5: Deborah Falaye (Blood Scion)
April 6: Judy I. Lin (A Magic Steeped in Poison, A Venom Dark and Sweet)
April 7: Tara Sim (The City of Dusk, Scavenge the Stars Duology)
April 8: S. A. Barnes (Dead Silence, Project Paper Doll Series)