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Tomorrow marks the start of the second week of the thirteenth annual Women in SF&F Month. Thank you so much to all of last week’s guests for making it an excellent first week!

There will be more guest posts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this week, too. Before announcing the schedule, here are last week’s essays in case you missed any of them.

All of the guest posts from April 2024 can be found here, and last week’s guest posts were:

And there are most guest posts coming up, starting tomorrow! This week’s essays are by:

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April 8: Amber Chen (Of Jade and Dragons, “Hugging the Buddha’s Feet“)
April 10: Gabriella Buba (Saints of Storm and Sorrow, “Dying Rivers and Broken Hearts“)
April 12: Genoveva Dimova (Foul Days, Monstrous Nights)