It seems like interesting book-related news keeps coming in droves…  I was thrilled to see two authors whose books I really enjoy mention they had some new book deals, plus I’ve seen some giveaways that look pretty good recently too.

N. K. Jemisin, author of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms and The Broken Kingdoms, has sold her Dreamblood duology to Orbit (who is also publishing the books in her Inheritance trilogy).  I’m very intrigued – partially because I loved the two books that are now out in the Inheritance trilogy and because of what N. K. Jemisin said about them in her announcement:


The setting was born from my longtime fascination with ancient Egypt, and the magic system from my longtime fascination with Freudian dream theory and Jung’s ideas about the collective unconscious.

Egypt, Freudian dream theory, and Jung’s ideas about the collective unconscious? Sounds fascinating!

You know how Seanan McGuire just sold a new series?  Well, she has also sold two more books in her October Daye series!  That is now a total of seven books in the series that are going to be released.  Books six and seven are called Ashes of Honor and The Chimes at Midnight.  (I just love her books’ titles – they are beautiful!)

On to some of the giveaways I’ve seen:

Writer Unboxed has a short interview with Juliet Marillier and they are giving away two hardcover copies of Seer of Sevenwaters.  It is open internationally but I don’t see anything saying when exactly the deadline is.

Tor is giving away two mystery boxes.  I’m assuming it’s full of books, but I’m kind of hoping for another dimension containing a mansion with a huge library, a room full of treasure, and a vault full of cash…  It’s quite tantalizing, not knowing exactly what’s in it.  (Open to the US only.)

Orbit is giving away the Griffin Mage trilogy by Rachel Neumeier (Lord of the Changing Winds, Land of the Burning Sands, and Law of the Broken Earth).  This is not open everywhere, but it is open to more than just the US: US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.  The first book in this series is one I’ve been wanting to pick up but just haven’t gotten to yet.