No, this post is not some link to yet another site in the vast and ever-growing Cheezburger network that threatens to consume the web like some bastard child of Rick Astley and Walmart (well, I guess it is now). It’s a mea culpa from the guy who didn’t adapt a site design to fit Blogger’s broken CSS/templating system three years ago, causing an annoying bug that was only visible at 800×600 resolution. My argument was: how many people browse the web at 800×600 the better part of a decade into the new millennium? Even my flying car has a higher resolution web browser than that.

So much for that argument. Since somebody recently mentioned it–and now that Blogger is a bit more flexible in their templating–it can be fixed. The coffee cup graphic down in the corner should no longer eat text when browsing with a narrow window. Sorry for the inconvenience folks, my fault, not Kristen’s!